Our Impact on Society


Rural Schools


Rural Students




Rural Population Impacted

Our Mission

Building Gurukuls of Modern India, creating a web of 500 Low-cost quality oriented English-medium schools, imparting Value-Based education, by year 2020.

Our Vision

To Establish Permanent Peace in the World through Value Based Education and Spiritual Rejuvenation, creating Good Global Citizens

Our Focus

To Empower and Enshrine Rural Children with Value-Based Education

Our Approach

Value Based Education

Values Today. For a Valuable Tomorrow.

Eternal Charitable Foundation has developed a value based education system combined with modern scientific English language based CBSE curriculum.

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Our Method

It is a combination of Spirituality and Scientific Education.

For us spirituality is the control of ego and vices. Of learning how to be a good human being who cares for humanity and the environment.

The process involves a disciplined practice of prayer and mental affirmations. The scientific education is through an alignment with the CBSE curriculum and a focus on sports and the creative arts, especially music.

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Our Teachers act as Role Models for our students

As a culture, in ancient India, children learnt values from their revered teachers, who demonstrated them, by living them.

Our teachers undergo a rigorous short-term teachers training program (3 months), long-term teachers training program (3 5 years). Bi-annually they undergo a refresher course under strict academic monitoring. This program also ensures that we have quality teachers available in Rural areas.
From different backgrounds and ethnicities, the teachers are expected to be, and understand the need to be role models for the values that the children are taught.

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Does it work?

A simple dialogue with any child, from any school, will prove it. Each day children are moving one step higher on the ladder of humanity. They are ingrained with values of honesty, par-upkar, sensitivity towards others, inward thinking, the power of confessions and at the same time are highly scholastic and with scientific temperaments. They characterise and practice, Simple Living, High Thinking!.

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