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1 in 4 children of school-going age is out of school in India – 99 millionchildren in total have dropped out of school (Census 2011)





Out of every 100 children, only 32 children finish their school education age-appropriately (District Information System for Education (DISE 2014-15)


Only 2% of the schools offer complete school education from Class 1 to Class 12 (District Information System for Education (DISE 2014-15)


42% of married women in India were married as children (District Information System for Education (DISE)


1 in every 3 child brides in the world is a girl in India (UNICEF)


India has more than 45 lakh girls under 15 years of age who are married with children. Out of these, 70%of the girls have children (Census 2011)