Eternal Charitable Foundation

The Solution

To embed values in a child when his mental software is being formed and neuron pathways are getting generated. A child with such seeds embedded within, will be a good, harmonious, happy and productive human being with elevated thinking. He will catalyze positive change wherever he goes, through the qualities that he will demonstrate and live by; thereby shaping society and standing out by their simplicity and sensitivity, leading to a peaceful, sustainable, more equitable world.

Let’s together build India’s first value based education chain for rural transformation.

Value-Based Education

Values Today.For a Valuable Tomorrow.
Eternal Charitable Foundation with its associate partner The Kalgidhar Society, India aims to develop a value based education system combined with modern scientific English language based CBSE curriculum.


Our Method

It is a combination of Spirituality and Scientific Education.

For us spirituality is the control of ego and vices. Of learning how to be a good human being who cares for humanity and the environment.

The process involves a disciplined practice of prayer and mental affirmations.

The scientific education is through an alignment with the CBSE curriculum and a focus on sports and the creative arts, especially music.


Our Teachers act as Role Models for our students

As a culture, in ancient India, children learnt values from their revered teachers, who demonstrated them, by living them.

Our teachers undergo a rigorous short-term teachers training program (3 months), long-term teachers training program (3  5 years). Bi-annually they undergo a refresher course under strict academic monitoring. This program also ensures that we have quality teachers available in Rural areas.

From different backgrounds and ethnicity, the teachers are expected to be, and understand the need to be role models for the values that the children are taught.It also leads to women empowerment as these teachers, from poor backgrounds themselves, are now able to earn a decent living and are support their families.

This is significant when one considers the social fact that both Haryana and Punjab have the worst female-male sex ratio in India and have high cases of female infanticide.

It's no surprise that these teachers are now helping the schools produce some spectacular results.


Interfaith; God is One

We practice spiritual striving, but not religious rituals. Children from all faiths study at our schools and learn to live harmoniously and flower into good, happy and productive human beings who contribute towards creating a better world. They develop a strong moral fiber and inner core strength, which we believe will support them throughout their life.Children are made to practice principles of interfaith understanding, tolerance for others, mutual respect and harmony.

It is mandatory that all students must respect and accept all other religions of the world and at the same time must protect, guard and allow the free-practice of the customs and rituals of others.Students are taught to love all creation as God's own manifestation.

Acceptance of all faiths, and interfaith tolerance and understanding are basic to the spiritual uplift of these impressionable young minds.

There is a remarkable consistency in the pursuit of these ideals and in the defense of the right to free worship of people of all faiths.