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In India majority of the higher educational institutions are urban centric. As a result rural population is deprived of quality education. It is seen that gross enrolment ratio is very poor in these rural areas. The situation is even worse for female population in regard to gross enrolment ratio. So it is an effort of the trust to spread rural education.
Values-based Education (VbE) is an educational framework which gives equal status to both character development and academic attainment. It improves students’ willingness and ability to learn; and enhances their social skills, emotional literacy and wellbeing. Values-based Education is a combination of philosophy, methodology, teaching and learning materials. It is inspirational, as it empowers pupils to be confident, reflective learners, builds high morale.
The ultimate objective of this mission is to promote peace and harmony in the society by creating good human material through these schools. These rural schools will be the temples of modern education. The surveys have shown that these students contribute immensely to reduce social evils in their society.
In relation to north, the education infrastructure in south is already much more developed. The quality of education imparted in south is quite good. Geographically, the masses in south are well covered with the educational infrastructure. But in north, especially hilly and rural areas, these parameters are poor and need urgent attention. The spread of drug malady in north needs to be urgently addressed to keep the nation strong. The week northern states would result into weaker India thus threatening the soverenity.
ECF is an International trust and having supporters from different counteries. ECF funds are deployed in India to benefit underprivileged Indian children in rural areas and a small proportion is also invested in local causes.
As an NGO (non-government organization), ECF does not receive any direct government funding.
– donations from concerned individuals and organizations. – sales of products Some may sponsor the costs of education and/or health inputs to a child or group of children.
Sure it will. In fact, we estimate that something small even can pay for a child’s education and health. And, trust us, all those small contributions put together add up to a LOT!